Saturday, October 5, 2013

What if I make a plan? How would that be?

What did I do on my paper yesterday, you ask?

Nothing, I say.  Nothing.

What did I do on my paper today?

You got it.

What will I do on my paper tomorrow?

No, really, I'm going to work on my paper tomorrow.

My goals for tomorrow are:
  1. Do a short edit of someone's application and send him an email summarizing said edits.
  2. Oh man did I leave my laundry in the laundry room and not remember till now?
  3. The door is, like, locked.
  4. Tomorrow morning I need to dry my laundry.
  5. Clean some parts at work.
  6. Solder some parts at work.
  7. Spend some time workin' on my paper.
  8. Go to a roller derby practice for potential recruits.
  9. Eat.  Don't laugh, this takes for-effing-ever.
  10. Shower.
Will all that happen?  Can all that happen?  Laundry will not take much time.  I think I should only spend a short amount of time editing, because looking at this list ...

The work stuff is simple, but will take a while.  Three hours?  Yeah, more than three hours.  Let's say four hours, which may be reasonable provided I don't decide to expand my work-project list.

I'll need to eat before and after work, but need to leave two hours between my last meal and derby, which means I'll need to eat a solid lunch at 1 PM.  Uh, so if I want to be done with my at-work portion of the day, I need to be in the lab at 8 AM?

Problem: it would be really nice to be able to come home at noon, make lunch, eat lunch, spend an hour (half-hour?  please?) getting my gear together, and then either nap or work on my paper.  Ideally, I'd not have to do any work after derby and spend that time lazing, cooking, and/or reading.  And showering, dear gods, the showering.  But even if I get all my at-work work done in the morning, that means not spending much time on my paper and screwing over my friend.

Okay, how about:
  1. In to the lab at 9 AM to do three hours of work.  I think I can get the essentials done if I don't do some of the futzing I was planning on.  (Thank you, Adderall!)
  2. Head home at noon to make and eat lunch.
  3. Give myself until 2 PM to do lunching, hearding derby gear, making a map to get to the practice space, and editing my friend's application.
  4. From 2 PM to 2:45 PM, either work on my paper or nap.  Depending on which feels most essential at the time.  I'm guessing it'll be nap.  We'll see.
  5. Derby (2.5 hours), shower (1 hour if I include figuring out what to do with my smelly clothes), eat a bunch of food (maybe one hour?).
  6. So now it's going on 8 PM and if all has gone well I'm not ravenous at this point.  But if all has gone well-ish, I will be tired.  It's still early enough to deal with laundry, so I should do that.
  7. How do I do anything other than finalize my current Amazon order and then chill on the sofa with a cozy blanket reading my new book on the impact of Brown v. Board of Education?
Also, this list means that I've neglected to locate the certificate that says I really do own my car.  Which I think I needed a few weeks ago.  I really feel I should get on that.  I suspect I'll be a bit jittery pre-practice, so maybe instead of trying to work on my paper, I should do some attacking of my filing cabinet.  That would reduce the freak-out potential of Monday.

Also, this list ignores the boxes that I need to mail.  But that's okay.  That can wait for another day.

Also, this list does not include any time working on my paper.  Hmm.

I feel like I need a crazy awesome reward with which to bribe myself into a few hours' paper work after derby practice.  Like, crazy awesome.  I get to not have celiac for a day?  I get to feel nice about the progress I've made?  Awwww, I'd like to feel nice.  Not sure there's enough junkie-style serotonin in that one, though.  I get to be invited to David Sedaris' and Amy Vowell's Sunday Evening Tea if I do two hours of work?  Held at Tig Nataro's gluten-free residence just down the street?  In an adorable, comfy, warm outfit that magically appeared in my closet?  And which will not vanish at midnight but will gently pulse blue when it's time for me to go to bed?  (Note: awesome idea, need to think about ways to implement this.)

Point: I will try to think about how to do a few hours' work on my paper after derby.  Considering my current mood, it doesn't seem like there's a suitable bribe in existence that will make this possible, but hey.  I'll keep a lookout and let you know how it goes.

Considering that I'd like to be in to the lab at 9 AM, I'm off to bed.  Peace, people.  

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