Saturday, July 13, 2013

All better.

In case you were wondering, the sertraline made by generic drug manufacturer Lupin may not be gluten free.  I haven't gone through the work to calculate a confidence interval on this statement, so, you know, take this pronouncement with a grain of salt.

But still.

I had been taking Greenstone's sertraline and all was well.  When I switched pharmacies, the pills I picked up didn't have the nice little G marks, so I started making some calls.  Lupin was able to tell me that their sertraline contained no gluten ingredients, but they (as is typical) couldn't guarantee the final product was gluten free.

So when I switched to the Lupin's pills, I was careful not to introduce any new foods.  And I got sick.  First a little sick, and then worse, and then the migraine started, and then I went all whoop-ass on the situation and got a new prescription filled, this time Greenstone.

And now I'm all better.  Correlation?  For sure.  Causation?  Mmmm.

But this is definitely a data point, and for some it might be useful, so I'll put it out there.

Also, how would I calculate the confidence interval in this case?  I can probably estimate the probability I'd feel ill on any given day.  If I pay attention, I could also estimate the duration of illness typically associated with low-level gluten ingestion.  I feel like this should let me calculate ... something quantitative.

Dunno.  I'll get back to you on that.

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